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They say that first impressions last. The first impression most people have of your business is your logo. We design logos that speak to your audience and communicate your identity.

View professional looking website designs, custom made to what out client's needs. No two websites look the same.

A sampling of Jaydee Media's Web Design portfolio is shown below. Click on each thumbnail to visit the site.

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Previous Projects

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Basic Web Site Design Promotion

 Basic Joomla Design


Intro Design:  

This is an easy and perfect package for the smaller businesses that would just need and online presence.  This package consist of a 3 page website design with Joomla CMA.  Your 3 pages will   consist of 1 x Home/About Page, 1 x Contact Page with contact details and a contact form for any enquiries  and 1 x Additional Content Page to showcase your services etc.  

Basic Design:  

This package consist of a 3 - 5 page website design with Joomla CMA.  Your 5 pages will   consist of 1 x Home/About Page, 1 x Contact Page with contact details and a contact form for any enquiries  and 3 x Additional Content Pages.   2 X Media Galleries up to 20 pictures.  1 x Web Header Slider - up to 5 pictures and or designs.  Social Media links. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).  

Business Design: 

A Professional Design with a strong focus on generating leads.  More of a focus on using the website actively to generate business, leads and sales with a multi media design.This package consist of a 5-8 page website design with Joomla CMA.  Your 8 pages will  consist of 1 x Home/About Page, 1 x Contact Page with contact details and a contact form for any enquiries  and 5 x Additional Content Pages.  1 x Blog Page,  Multipale Web Header Slider - up to 5 pictures and or designs per slider.  Social Media links. (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).  Up to 4 picture galleries with up to 15 pictures per gallerie/  Youtube video link and internet video stream available.


E-commerce sites:  Availabe




 oceaneleven prg64   dome-online
HERMANUS-online whale-watchers jaydee-media2
 marine-wildlife dowsing  jaydee-web 
 sterling-delta hermanus-chamber  whalecoast-blog 
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E-commerce Web Development


E-Commerce Web Development

An Ecommerce website is simply, any website which accepts payment online. This can be in the form of a retail (online) store where users may purchase products via a shopping cart, or a simpler store where people pay for single services.

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own online store? Or are you wanting to expand your horizon and branch out into the World Wide Web? Vertex Web Design specialises in e-commerce websites and can provide a tailor-made solution to suit your needs.

E-commerce is the future, that's why! Just take a look at the history of e-commerce to understand why your business needs it.


Online shopping is the process consumers go through to purchase products, goods or services over the internet. An online shop, e-shop, e-store, internet shop, web shop, web store, online store or virtual store evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a bricks-and-mortar retailer or in a shopping mall.

Electronic commerce is a reality, and is not just for big, multi-billion rand corporations. Solutions exist today that enable companies of all sizes to do business over the web securely, affordably, and efficiently. The internet offers a great complement or addition to your existing sales platforms.

One third of people that shop online use a search engine to find what they are looking for and about one fourth find websites by word of mouth. Word of mouth has become a leading way by which people find shopping websites. When an online shopper has a good first experience with a certain website, 60% of the time they will return to that website to buy more.


Books are one of the items bought most online. However, clothes, shoes, and accessories are all very popular online purchases, as are cosmetics, nutrition products and groceries. About one fourth of travellers buy their plane tickets online because it is a quick and easy way to compare airline travel options and make a purchase. Online shopping provides more freedom and control than shopping in a store.

Online shopping is arguably the most predictable way to shop. Shoppers know exactly what website to go to, how much the product will cost, and how long it will take for the product to reach them. Online shopping has become extremely routine and predictable, which is one of its great appeals to the consumer.

online-shoppingWe specialises in e-commerce, using Joomla, Virtuemart, Prestashop, Drupal, Ubercart, Moneyscripts and more to achieve exceptional e-commerce solutions. Each e-commerce website is uniquely created and tailor-made to each client’s needs and budget. To find out more about our e-commerce pricing structures, please request more information by clicking the button

 What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a special "commercial" account which will enable your business to accept major credit card transactions.


There are four major elements typically found on an eCommerce website:

A Shopping Cart
Basically exactly the same as your shopping cart used in retail stores such as Pick 'n Pay. It lists all products and quantities of each that are in your shopping cart. More advanced shopping carts will include product colours or sizes.
A Secure Server Connection (optional)
A secure server connection or SSL certificate encrypts data sent between your browser and the server. Thus, eliminating the risk of theft. Should your website however make use of a 3rd party payment gateway such as VCS, there is no need for a SSL certificate. This is because any "secure" data such as your credit cards details etc are processed directly on the 3rd party vendors website. Therefore eliminiting the need to secure your own website with a SSL certificate.
A Merchant Bank Account (optional)
You will need an internet merchant account before you can accept payment via credit cards on your website, with the exception of PayPal (with FNB), Monster Pay and VCS.
Payment Transaction Software
In order for your website to actually "process" a deduction from a credit card, you will need transaction software.



 oceaneleven prg64   dome-online
HERMANUS-online whale-watchers jaydee-media2
 marine-wildlife dowsing  jaydee-web 
 sterling-delta hermanus-chamber  whalecoast-blog 
 overberg-hunting dome-online  OLIVIA 

CMS Web Design


We prefer to design in Joomla CMS Content Management Systems:

Websites running a content management system (CMS) are the perfect solution for medium- to large-sized businesses or individuals who need to regularly update their website themselves. The beauty of CMS websites is that they offer you endless possibilities in terms of functionality, and can grow with your business.

Integrating a CMS, or a Content Management System into your website, will allow you to single-handedly update, edit or delete any element of your website that you like - be it content, images, prices of products or your product list itself if you have an e-commerce website, a catalog system webite, a data base driven website.

Our website development experts and design team build world class websites that are user friendly, reflect your brand identity and receive maximum search engine exposure.


Dynamic websites such as these rely on server side scripting to provided advanced interactivity and usually use a database to deliver the content for individual pages. A dynamic approach is appropriate for developing large websites with content which is formulaic, for example, catalogues, photograph albums and complex series of data. A dynamic website will be required to allow users to sort and search records, or to restrict access to parts of the website using a log-in procedure. The content management system provides a password-protected interface through which users can add, edit and remove content from the site. A content management system is particularly useful for large sites with numerous contributors, some of whom may be working from remote locations.


Benefits of Content Management Systems:

  • Change content without changing code. A CMS allows anyone with access to easily change the content on their website through a WYSIG editor (which has an interfacesimilar to that of a Word document). These changes can be done with a few clicks of a button.
  • Cheaper. A CMS website may be initially slightly more expensive than a static HTML website, but maintaining it will be much cheaper as you will not require any special skills to maintain the website.
  • Better Control. One of the reasons CMS websites are so popular is because the owners of the website have full control. Content can be added, removed or modified with a few clicks of a button.
  • Expansion. One of the best aspects of a CMS website is that as your business and the needs of your business change, so too can your website, without having to be completely redone.

Jayde web design

The following functionality now comes 'As Standard' in our 'Socially Connected and MultiMedia CMS Joomla website platform:

  • Video Multiplayer – Connected to YouTube
  • Photo Gallery – Connected to Flickr
  • Homepage Carousel
  • Social/Share Links
  • Interactive World Trip Map
  • Google Maps Integration for Directions
  • Calendar & Events
  • News & RSS Feed
  • Contact Forms
  • Download Library

Page Level User Permissions - and User Admin



 oceaneleven prg64   dome-online
HERMANUS-online whale-watchers jaydee-media2
 marine-wildlife dowsing  jaydee-web 
 sterling-delta hermanus-chamber  whalecoast-blog 
 overberg-hunting dome-online  OLIVIA 

Web Design


Your website may be the main line of communication between your customers and your company. Even if you don’t conduct all of your business through your website, it may be just what your customers need to see in order to choose you over a competitor. Let us help you to create an effective online marketing presence that turns your website into a platform that entices visitors to become customers.

Our aim is to bring our customers professional, functional, and eye catching websites that are tailor made to meet your needs.

Offering an all encompassing solution, including

Everything! Right from designing your Corporate ID along with our brand strategist through to developing a custom designed website or web application, through to hosting, email marketing and even SEO.


Contact us today for a customised quotation to fit your budget.


 oceaneleven prg64   dome-online
HERMANUS-online whale-watchers jaydee-media2
 marine-wildlife dowsing  jaydee-web 
 sterling-delta hermanus-chamber  whalecoast-blog 
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